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Moskito Bulletin

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<BREAKING NEWS> permanent "end" for spare parts for the classic series - read more here ...

Welcome to the virtual museum mosquito,

This museum covers the complete model helicopter series of mosquito Robbe-Schlüter. The purpose of this platform is what it suggests, the domain name, the exhibition and the complete information service in mosquito model helicopters. The gathering of data on mosquito and documenting of exhibits focus is in the foreground.
The mosquito museum is built in several subject areas and in addition to the exhibits include a lot of background knowledge, technical information, adjustment data, plans, literature and countless more of information. It is also not forget the entertainment. As a further attraction and the electronic parts catalog to different models, as well as the high-resolution image animation all located in the museum exhibits is recommended. The helicopter models can also be visited in the real real museum. For this purpose, we kindly ask you to contact with appointment.
At long last round detailed information about accessories and proper adjustment of the helicopter all open questions from the mosquito. Thus provides the virtual visit to this museum one hand, the assessment of the exhibits and on the other hand, the information on and around the seal Schlüter mosquito model helicopters.


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